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Featuring Film

From the very first shot we fell in love with filming. We’ve realized that it has become our passion. It is something that makes us feel happier. We are ready to forget about simple pleasures of our life like food or sleep in order to find the best ideas for the climax, crisis and denouement. When we desperately need to find the best prop, we’ll dig it out from the ground. Soon after our children are born, they are able to make sketches for the storyboard! Because filming is right in our blood!

Short movie«A miracle»

From the days of our early childhood we've never stopped trying to be perfect. Even now we are still developing our mental and personal skills, but we often tend to forget the natural human values. The real treasure of our intire life is the belief in something incredible! Let's help our children to keep this simple knowledge alive. We wish there should be more miraculous things in our life!

Short film«Online»

If you are a social network addict and new likes make you feel happier much more than as if you have eaten one of your grandmothers' pies, you are most likely to enjoy our short about one siberian guy and his precious gadgets. Keep Online with us and enjoy!

Short movie«Men and woman»

We believe the life of each and every man is surprisingly unique. And we believe that the best script writer is the life itself! That's why we have put so much effort in making such film "Man and woman", in which each episode is based on true story of the life of one couple from Siberia.

This film turned out to be a real surprise for the bride, because all the shots with her participation were filmed in secret. It was only on the very day of the wedding that she could enjoy this unforgettable gift from her bridegroom.

It's difficult to discribe all the complexity of our feelings when we have come to realise how important it is for that family. It is the real movie made by the couple themselves! And we were happy to take part in it!